Social and Environmental Financing

BNDES offers unique financial conditions to subsidize social and environmental projects by means of specific financing lines and programs. It can also subsidize social and environmental investments that are part of financed projects.

In this case, for example, the subsidy comprises investments in efficient machinery and equipment, which reduce energy consumption and inputs, and supplementary investments, which benefit the communities surrounding the financed project.

We subsidize:

Social and urban development

Financing lines that reflect better quality of life for the population, enabling, for instance, investments in urban mobility and health.

Companies’ social investments

Companies’ social investments complementing the financed project, seeking to create a more positive impact on the communities surrounding the projects.

Social and productive inclusion
Recovery and preservation of biomes

Using non-reimbursable funds to subsidize (i) the recovery of biomes, such as the Atlantic Forest and the Amazon rainforest; (ii) management of conservation units (UCs); (iii) environmental inspections; and (iv) other investments.

Other environmental investments
  • Public and private investments in basic sanitation and recovery of damaged areas;
  • Investments in companies for improved use of natural resources;
  • Alternative energy generation projects; and
  • Improved energy efficiency projects.

Last update: August 4, 2021