Ethics and Compliance

We require an ethical behavior from our management, employees and contractors. Our commitment to ethics is expressed in our values statement and in our Code of Ethics, which is also applicable to all those who interact with BNDES, including clients and financial institutions accredited to transfer BNDES funds.

The Ethics Committee is the unit responsible for ethics management at the Bank, dealing with inquiries and conducting investigations.

Supporting the construction of an environment of integrity, we also have the compliance unit, which is in charge of the development, dissemination and monitoring of the theme, promoting actions for both internal and external audiences.

For BNDES, compliance is the duty to be compliant with regulation, according to highest ethical standards, and it has two key dimensions: conformity and integrity.In short, compliance is about being adherent to agreements and standards, while integrity is about preventing money laundering, combating the financing of terrorism and taking measures against fraud and corruption.

See the main documents:

Ethics and Integrity Guidelines for Relationship with BNDES (Available in Portuguese Only)

Code of Ethics

Main milestones in recent years

Last update: August 24, 2021