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Nesta seção, destacamos como a Responsabilidade Social e Ambiental inerente a nossa orientação estratégia se concretiza em ações.


BNDES’s social and environmental responsibility with society is transversal to the entire operation of the Bank and is shown in the support to the conclusion of projects that increase living conditions to Brazilians.

We are also responsible for the transparency of our operations, meeting demands through information, and disclosing information on our activities. Our Transparency Policy reinforces such commitment.

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BNDES supports sectors and segments that generate not only jobs, income, and economic development, but also the quality of life for the population. We finance mobility and sanitation projects that contribute to facing the tough challenges of urban areas, and support projects to generate jobs and income in socially vulnerable areas.


Regarding the relationship with our customers, we take into consideration the social and environmental outcomes of the projects supported.

Projects are analyzed regarding their risks and social and environmental impacts, which includes proof of environmental compliance.

The social and environmental risk rating of the projects may lead to adjustment suggestions and even inclusion of social and environmental clauses in contracts, supplementing the obligations already provided by law.

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Aware of its potential as a strong driver of sustainable practices and its responsibility as a state-owned company, BNDES has two policies that guide the relationship with its suppliers:

  • Sustainable Logistics Plan

Planning sustainability actions and rationalizing the use of materials and services by BNDES. The Plan maps the Bank’s current practices and defines goals and actions to achieve them.

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  • Conduct and Integrity Policy under bidding processes and procurement contracts

It establishes that the participants of the BNDES System operating in bidding and procurement contracting processes must act with transparency, committing to disclosing the acts performed and related justifications, in the broadest possible way.

It also lists several obligations to avoid conduct such as offering and receiving undue advantage; using insider information, and cronyism in bidding and contracting processes.

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BNDES’s employees and associates are those who, daily, carry out the Bank’s mission of encouraging the sustainable and competitive development of the Brazilian economy.

BNDES adopts policies to value employees and promote their personal and professional development, always focusing on social and environmental commitments and respect for human rights.

Our care goes from the physical conditions of our offices to mechanisms that ensure an ethical environment and respect for diversity.

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BNDES’s operating activities are concentrated in Rio de Janeiro, with special attention to its surroundings. Our head office (EDSERJ) is managed in compliance with modern environmental sustainability concepts and was renowned for certificates proving its efficiency and social and environmental responsibility.

Learn more about the sustainability standards of BNDES’s head office (Portuguese only)

In addition, the Bank operates directly in its neighborhood, maintaining and promoting improvements in circulation and safety conditions, and valuing the existing assets, benefitting residents and the floating population.

  • Emission Inventory

In addition to the relationship with the surrounding community, the concern with sustainability in our activities encouraged our adhesion to the Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventory in 2012.

BNDES’s emissions range from fuel used in the Bank’s vehicles to emissions related to employee commuting. The values are published on an annual basis on the website of the Public Emission Registry of the Brazilian GHG Protocol Program.

Learn more about BNDES’s Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventory. (Portuguese only)

Last update: November 26, 2021