What Guides us

Commitment to sustainable development is part of BNDES’s strategic guideline and is present in our mission.

We have specific policies and a governance structure to guide our social and environmental responsibility initiatives.


The policies related to our social and environmental practices are as follows: Bylaws, Code and Policies


BNDES has several units dedicated to ESG, increasing the transversal significance of the matter by the institution. The social and environmental perspective is valued by BNDES’s bodies that participate in the approval process of financial support.

BNDES also counts on the Social Environmental Sustainability and Territorial Development Committee (CSS), an advisory body created in 2014, which is responsible for leading the implementation and monitoring of our initiatives to consolidate social and environmental responsibility and integrating them into BNDES’s policies, processes, and relationships.

CSS is responsible for coordinating the preparation of the Implementation Plan of the Social and Environmental Responsibility Policy, which, in its 2018-2020 version, foresees initiatives, such as structuring new products related to furthering Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the transition to a low-carbon economy. Another expected improvement is the integration of climate in the analysis of financial support transactions. The Plan also foresees initiatives to improve BNDES’s social and environmental risk management, including regarding the prevention and mitigation of impacts of financed projects.

Corporate Social Responsibility Action Plan 2018-2020

Furthermore, the recent creation of a subcommittee for ESG matters on BNDES’s Board of Directors is another step in improving its governance structure.

Strategic Planning

Supporting the migration of Brazil’s economy to a green economy is part of BNDES’s Corporate Planning. Planning management includes initiatives and projects that aim to internalize the matter and monitor indicators to measure the performance of BNDES’s social and environmental operating initiatives, such as our 2020-2022 Three-Year Plan, which defines major deliverables to society by 2022, prepared based on the mapping of the main challenges of the Brazilian economy. Each delivery addresses matters related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Strategic planning (Available in Portuguese Only)

External Alignment

The Bank is also aligned with external documents that are a benchmark in the matter, such as the international standard on Social Responsibility ISO 26000 and the Protocol of Intentions for Social Responsibility, signed by BNDES in 2008. Both documents inspired the draft of our Social and Environmental Responsibility Policy (PRSA).

Approved in 2010, the Policy was updated in 2014 to be in compliance with the guidelines of the National Monetary Council Resolution 4,327/2014 and again in 2019. This resolution establishes a set of obligations related to the drafting of a PRSA, the maintenance of a governance structure to enable the implementation and monitoring of PRSA-related actions, and the adoption of a socio-environmental risk management system.

Last update: July 29, 2021