Our social and environmental responsibility is stated in corporate and operational policies that guide our operations into a more sustainable relationship with society.

Following are the policies related to the topic:

Corporate policies

Policy of Social and Environmental Responsibility

BNDES’s main policy on the subject, performing the role of defining principles and guidelines that should guide BNDES’s operations and the company’s other policies. Based on it, the definition of what social and environmental responsibility is for the BNDES.

Sustainable Procurement Policy

It aims to encourage the adoption of sustainable practices in the relationship between the Bank and its suppliers, such as the requirement, whenever possible, of objective sustainability criteria in bidding processes. Read Here.

Transparency Policy

It guides employees on the principles and guidelines that should guide their activities and reinforce the Bank’s commitment to give society wide access to information.

Gender Equity and Valorization of Diversity Policy

Its objective is to contribute to the elimination of all forms of disparity and discrimination in its work environment and in the institutions which participate in its chain of relationships, in addition to promoting diversity.

Operational Policies

Addresses the identification and processing of social and environmental aspects and impacts in the financial support activity.

Socio Environmental Policy

It establishes guidelines, tools, and procedures for the incorporation of the socio-environmental dimension in the different stages of the process of granting financial support. Read here.

Policy for Operating in Surroundings of Projects

It enhances the surrounding territory development of the financed projects, foreseeing opportunities that extend beyond the new economic dynamics generated by the investments.

Last update: August 4, 2021