Sustainable Procurement Policy

The Sustainable Procurement Policy of BNDES aims to promote the adoption of social, environmental, economic and financial criteria in the acquisition of assets and the contracting of services by the Bank.

Besides valuing planned and efficient use of resources, the policy intensifies the Bank’s efforts to promote the adoption of sustainable practices among its suppliers, bringing more benefits to society as a whole.


  • Efficient use of resources, reducing, reusing and recycling them, thus minimizing the need to acquire assets and contract services.
  • Planned acquisition of assets and services as an essential instrument for sustainable development.
  • Dissemination of sustainability concepts and practices in Brazilian society.


In order for the principles and guidelines of this Policy to be effective, BNDES designed strategies such as the formulation and implementation of action plans containing objectives and targets, and the maintenance of a Primer on Sustainable Bidding Processes, among others.

Last update: August 4, 2021